Homebuying 101: Credit Scores

If you are looking for a home you probably hear a lot about your credit. Good scores, bad scores, revolving accounts—why is it so important in the homebuying process? Your credit score and report impacts the type of credit terms you will receive. For example, a lower score or derogatory report may result in higher interest rates, which could mean you pay more in the long run.

Finding Money

It’s the time of the year when finding hidden money can help reduce holiday stress. A semiannual review of household expenses can put significant dollars back in your pocket. Start by checking with your cable company for new offers, or check with your cell phone provider to see if your phone package is still the best deal.  Joining the budget plan for utilities or renegotiating your credit card interest are all strategies that can cut expenses. One big ticket item that is often overlooked is the interest rate on your mortgage. A quick review of your mortgage rate, and length of time to pay off, should both be reviewed to see if the mortgage you originated is still the best for your situation. Did you just refinance or just buy your home?Even if you just bought your home, check to see if the mortgage rate has dropped or your home has increased in value.  Any change in financial status is a good reason to explore refinancing your loan.