How to Budget for a House

Purchasing a home is no small feat. It’s the largest purchase most people will ever make and if you’re in the market for one, you may want to tighten the purse strings in preparation. In addition to the costs that are associated with a home purchase, you should also be prepared for the additional expense that comes along with being a homeowner. Things like regular home maintenance, such as roof repairs, replacing the water heater, fixing the dishwasher, can all add up, which means your current budget may need some adjusting.

6 Tips to Get Your Credit in Shape Before Buying a House

Your credit score is one of the “Big 3” taken into consideration by lenders when deciding if they will approve you for a home loan. Out of the Big 3 (credit, collateral, capacity), it is fear of credit scores that can be the cause behind many employees putting off or avoiding homeownership. Don’t let credit be the challenge that obstructs your dream of owning a home. Having a good credit score could save you big when you purchase your new home, and its never too early to start preparing.