Frequently Asked Questions

Advantage Home Plus is a no-cost educational and money saving homeownership benefit provided to you by your employer. For more than 20 years, our team has helped employees and their families navigate and save thousands of dollars on one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives: Home Ownership. We have access to more than 250 loan types, including FHA, VA, Conventional, Interest Only, Jumbo, Remodel, Reverse Mortgages, down payment assistance and grant programs. Plus, our partnership with mortgage companies, real estate agents, escrow companies, movers and more means you get preferred pricing on closing costs when you purchase, refinance, renovate or sell a home.
Because our Client Care Advisors do not work on commission, we can work with you in a relaxed, stress-free environment. We are available to answer questions about home buying, selling, securing a mortgage, and refinancing. We are your advocate during the entire experience, ensuring you have someone looking out for your best interests all the way through closing.
Let’s discuss your goals. Call 1-800-376-4603 or contact us at Also, be sure to attend the free workshops we offer in partnership with your employer, where you can learn to create a budget that works for you, minimize debt and prepare for homeownership.
Yes. We only work with full service real estate agents who offer a hands-on, personal approach with buyers and sellers. Your Home Advantage Plus real estate agent specializes in the areas that interest you, and they are committed to being your advocate throughout the process. For sellers, our agents will use all the latest resources to create exposure for your house, and save you money.
Yes. To receive deep discounts on closing costs and fees, you must work with your Advantage Home Plus advisor to select an agent in our Preferred Agent Network. These agents have been prescreened, meet our qualifications and have agreed to be accountable to our high standards of service. We review each agent in our network on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet these standards, too.
Due to the confidentiality of our providers, we do not provide a list. This is an exclusive benefit from a partnership with your employer and not available to the general public.
Down payment requirements depend on many factors. Typically, the minimum is 3.5% for an FHA Loan and 5% for a conventional loan. Both often require some form of private mortgage insurance, though some recently have introduced no-PMI loans with increased rates. In most cases VA loans do not require any downpayment. There are also various down payment assistance programs available. With a 20% down payment conventional loan, you may avoid the PMI and get some of the best rates. But you can put as much down as you’d like!
At no cost to you, we will connect you with a Preferred mortgage provider who will review your credit report and income documentation to help you determine how much you can borrow, as well as what type of loan would be best for you. Contact Us.
Your advisor can obtain your credit report and score at no cost to you and at no obligation.