Ready, set, get inspired! We’ve reviewed the latest home design blogs and trend reports to give you this roundup of six fresh looks for your abode in 2017.


Color, Color, Color!


couches inspiracy


Gray remains the “it” neutral choice. But prepare to punch up the palette with jewel tones and a plethora of pinks, plus dazzling blue, popsicle orange, peach, and teal. Don’t be afraid to try uncommon combinations, too, like navy with soft gray, and mint green with orange.


Oooh, Shiny!


Metallica Inspiracy


Metallic finishes are still an in thing, with gold, brass and polished nickel moving past silver on the 2017 popularity scale. In the kitchen, look to mix your metals (like accents using both copper and pewter), while cabinet hardware either strikes a pose with large, artistic pieces or goes subtle with micro-small elements. No middle ground here!


Hello Again, 1960


hexagonal inspiracy

Remember the bold geometrics of the 1960s? (Okay, if you’re not old enough to have lived it, at least you’ve seen it!) Look for that retro-chic in 2017 with hexagonal tile work, some with Asian and Middle Eastern overtones. Or spot it in brightly colored cushions and rugs that bring to mind go-go boots and mini dresses. Looking for something more sedate? Nautical stripes are also hot stuff for the new year.


Natural, Meet International


Color mess inspiracy


Textures go back to nature in 2017, with cane and rattan staging comebacks, while cork offers a unique take on wall coverings and more. Meanwhile, textiles do a little globe-trotting — think ottomans done up in repurposed Turkish kilim tapestries or fabrics that call to mind Italian beach resorts (Amalfi dreaming, anyone?).

Pots and Petals


pot inspiracy


Speaking of natural, say goodbye to those tired silk flowers and bring on the real thing. Capture positive feng shui with fresh flowers. Then think true green, especially in the bathroom — from living walls to a single orchid in a sophisticated pot, or a stylized cluster of ferns. Where is fake okay? On your wallpaper, where florals are popping up like, well, daisies.


Function Gets Fashionable


This never happens inspiracy


We’re talking furniture here. Think about hard-wearing, easy-care fabrics in the living room (go ahead, kids, have that grape juice on the sofa). Trendy bar carts mean the cocktails are never more than an arm’s reach away. And in the kitchen, easy-to-maintain quartz, marble and butcher block countertops save time and stress while minimizing the mess.


These may be some of the hottest home décor trends for the new year, but don’t let that inhibit you. Go ahead and set your creativity free — and make your home a perfect fit for your personal style. A perfect fit for financing and refinancing you home needs begins with contacting us at 1-800-376-4603 or Our Advantage Home Plus financing staff is closely associated with Evergreen Home Loans and are available to get you started in reaching your homeownership goals.


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