For many, the Spring tax return marks a new chance to catch up on bills or to treat yourself. If you are expecting money back why not begin the year taking action toward building your personal wealth? One of the most practical ways to begin to increase what you are worth is to buy a house. While you could put the tax refund into a savings account or get an interest earning Certificate of Deposit (CD), the investment into a place to live is a twofer; a place to live while you are earning equity that can add to your overall net worth.


Not Out of the Question


If you are dreaming of having your own home it can be overwhelming when you think about how long it could take you to save the 20% down that some conventional loans charge, but you may be in luck. There are currently several mortgage programs that only require a small down payment, but depending on your situation, there are also programs that ask for no down payment, called zero down loans.


Lucky You


Your employer provides you an excellent homeownership benefit. The benefit may save you thousands in the cost of the loan. This benefit is completely confidential and provides an individual specialist to work with you to find the right mortgage for your situation. They are even available to work with you to get your credit in shape to prepare to buy. What’s even better is that anyone in your family can also take advantage of this benefit.


Bottom Line


This is the year to take action! Mortgage rates are low, and your tax return may just give you enough to begin making a down payment on a home. Contact us at Advantage Home Plus and let us work with you to begin the journey to increase your personal wealth while finding a place to call your own. We are here to help you simplify the process, and can save you THOUSANDS in fees.

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