High on the list of life stressors, listing and selling your home are right next to getting a new job or filing for a divorce. Having an agent who is skilled in listing homes similar to yours is important as you are placing one of your largest assets into their hands. Agent selection can be awkward, as many of us have friends, or friends of friends who know someone in the real estate business. While it may be easiest to use your Uncle’s second wife’s son, selecting a broker with strong attributes in setting the listing price and negotiating the best deal for you are skills that can make the process both financially rewarding and help you to avoid common transaction missteps.
Spot on Pricing: While you may have a price in your mind that you need for your home, the market place and the lender will also have to agree that your home is valued correctly. So getting the list price right from the first day it is on the market is important.
The list price of a home can make a sale happen rapidly or drag out the process. If a home is on the market too long, or has a reduction in price, it may take on an aura that something is wrong with it. Getting your ideal price after that may also be more difficult. The agent you chose needs to have the ability to determine the fair selling price for your home. A good agent will be skilled in pricing and be able to explain why they are suggesting listing at that price.
Stellar Negotiator: Ideally you should interview the real estate agent, asking them about the average times their listings remain on the market and if price reductions were involved. Asking these questions will give you a feel for the competency of your agent as well as a glimpse into the type of issues you might encounter when getting ready to close your deal. When discussing the contract details to list your home, pay attention. If the agent is able to clearly explain and stand up for their recommendations on price, timeline and other variables, you are experiencing their negotiation skills. You should feel comfortable that they are ready to represent your best interest.

Trust Your Agent

Choose your real estate agent carefully and thoughtfully. Allow the agent to be the expert. You are paying your agent for their expertise. If you feel they are listing the home below market value, get a second opinion. Make sure you have an agent who will be forthright with you, and then listen carefully to what they advise. If they recommend repairs, removing clutter, staging, etc., listen to them. You are paying for an expert who has the courage to inform you, not one that lets you drive the entire sales process, even when they recognize that you may be compromising the sale.
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