Financial education tailored to your employee's needs

Employees are at the heart of every organization. Employers are in a unique position and can directly impact the well-being of their employees, and their families.... For generations.

Financial stress continues to take a toll on today’s workforce. In a world where job perks are king, employees often look to their employers for help in navigating through those stresses. Four in five employers are seeing their employees’ financial situation impact their work.

Education is an excellent benefit for your employees, and it can do a lot to give your staff the tools they need to address their financial concerns and feel proud of their achievements, creating happier employees.

When it comes to helping employees, we like to take a holistic approach. We provide group and individual education, through several different avenues, on several different topics. Your dedicated Advantage Home Plus Education Director can review all the education options with you so you can design the program to meet the individual needs of your employee group without adding extra work for your benefits team.

If you’re one of the 80 percent of employers around the country looking to enhance your benefits package with a valuable program that creates a WIN — WIN for all, let us know. It’s time to make a difference!