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It’s critical to the success of your business to attract and retain the top talent.

Happy employees are the heart of every
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We can help you add a valuable employee benefit that makes financial wellness and homeownership easier for your employees through education, planning, and significant savings. The modern financial wellness package goes far beyond 401k advice. According to Zillow, the value of a home often outweighs a person’s 401k by nearly double. Recent data from the Federal Reserve indicates the net worth of a homeowner is over 40 times greater than that of a renter. Considering the importance of owning a home and the role it plays in an employee’s overall financial wellbeing, it makes good sense to provide them with the education and guidance they want.

Ready to elevate your ability to improve lives?

The Advantage Home Plus Employee Homeownership Program Benefits do just that.

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Financial Education

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& Equity Program

The Advantage Home Plus program is a trusted resource of some of the most successful companies in the nation.

They know our guiding principle is to put their employees at the center of what we do.